Članstvo i partnerstvo

President / Predsjednik

Expert in environmental protection, ecology and sustainable development

Vice president / Dopredsjednik / Potpredsjednik

Expert in energy from waste Laboratory for Thermodynamics, Combustion and Environmental Engineering University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia
Expert in environmental protection in spatial and urban planning, Vice-Rector of the University of Belgrade, Serbia

Management / Menadžment

generalni tajnik/sekretar Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Expert in event organization and project management, Proteam Zagreb, Croatia

Members / Članovi

Sustainable development expert
Senior Expert Facilitator Lecturer UNDP
France, Switzerland
Expert in energy efficiency and sustainable architecture University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Croatia
expert in sustainable forest management and abonos Permanent scientific advisor vocation ACADEMIC, regular member of the International Academy of Sciences and of Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina (IANUBIH), associate member of the Academy of Forestry of science Croatian Forestry Institute, Jastrebarsko, Croatia
Expert in sustainable water management and nature protection Director of the Water Administration Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Herzegovina Neretva County, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Expert in operational management of municipal waste
Professor for the scientific field of Waste Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zenica
Head of quality and projects ALBA Bosnia and Herzegovina
Packaging waste expert Managing Director of EKOPAK, first licensed Packaging Recovery Organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Expert in sustainable energy and energy efficiency Director of Sector in Energy Turbomehanika Zagreb Ltd Croatia
expert in ornithology and nature protection museum advisor, National Museum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Expert on environmental protection and waste management University of Rijeka, Department for Biological Monitoring and Exposure at the Teaching Institute for Public Health of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia
Expert in nature protection Director of the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Nature Areas of the Požega Slavonian County, Požega, Croatia
Expert in waste management Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Educational Sciences, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Expert in biowaste management, biogas and compost plants. CEO of Consultare Ltd, leading company in biowaste management, Croatia.
Expert in the design and rehabilitation of waste disposal sites lecturer at the Technical University in Zagreb, IPZ Uniprojekt TERRA, Zagreb – director, project manager, consultant, director, Croatia
Expert for the construction and rehabilitation of waste disposal sites CEO Opera group, Zagreb, Croatia
Expert in energy from waste Independent consultant, Rijeka, Croatia
master spatial planner, researcher and educator Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Expert in sustainable pyrolytic processes producer of pyrolytic plants Macro Converter, Zagreb, Croatia

IT support

Chief administrator. Web developer.

Partners / Partneri

Partners NGO / Partneri NVO